The School Of Boom was created out of our dream and desire to give back to the community…

We have been blessed with the ability to do our art for a living, and we take our entertainment art very seriously. We strive to entertain and now, to help others who want to learn for a career, for fun, or just to get in shape. We are starting with a first round of classes and workshops.


In a group effort between the owners of The Boom Boom Room and the performers who are the best fit, we collectively, look to teach St. Louis the performance arts. As we grow, we will bring in more instructors as needed.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a reliable, accessible performance and talent school that will be around for hundreds of years. Though we are starting with just a handful of classes and workshops, our goal for the future is an accredited school with deans and faculty that is respected in all entertainment industries. But we all have to start with a seed to grow, so this is our seed and we are watering it with the overwhelming request we get from customers at The Boom Boom Room. Someday we see us as a place to learn to dance, circus, sing, music, audio, graphics, video, film, entertainment management, but for now we will teach people what they are asking us to teach them: how to shimmy and shake.



500 N. Street St. Louis Mo 63103

by appointment only